Fox Brothers And Sisters (G&B)

Let’s visit another family.
The Foxes. They met us with fireworks.

Don Basilio: “Congratulations, son! You realized my dream.”
To celebrate Alan’s promotion, “Mafia” had a party.

Maggie Fox is a colonel.

Look at these Foxes! Poor Alexander Goth has never been promoted!
Police has changed a lot since Junior’s retirement. Some Santa Clauses work there now.
Colonel Fox is going to investigate the crime scene. Some important witnesses are waiting here.
Santa is playing a bad cop.
Daddy Bear: “Thou shalt not kill!”
After that, good cop Maggie gets reports from witnesses.
Having returned to the office, Maggie analized the clues. She had to check the database but some detective didn’t want to let her use her computer. Maggie waited for some time and then…

sat into him.
(I was shocked.)
Only after that, the colleague rose from the table. Having a grudge, he was standing in the corner for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile Maggie, together with her sister Jane and Alexander Goth managed to solve the crime.
And she was promoted.
When Maggie came home, she seemed to walk on air.

And bumped into Paolo Rocca.

All is happening in leaps and bounds.

At this time Mafia is hanging out at the Foxes’. And Alla Fox manages to steal a whole lot of money!
Don Basilio: “Girls! Let’s dance!”
Maggie loves her family very much. But she can’t stay with them under the same roof. How can the Police Chief live together with the leader of Mafia?
And Maggie falls on her knees begging Paolo: “Take me from here!”

They move to a little house where Paolo lives with his friends.
Oops! They should have locked the door.

Some time later, Alla Fox meets her sister returning from work and realizes that she’s going to become an aunt.
Sindy Cat is making a wish: “I want a husband. Rich and famous.”

And she gets him!

The wedding was fantastic.

Sindy got a message from her sister:
* * * * * * * * * * *
Now off to Ginger Fox and Kitty Cat.
Alan Fox gave some money to his younger brother. Ginger and Kitty visited a stylist.

Then Ginger invited his wife to a new café in Newcrest.

They whisper about something in an arbour,
drink some coffee with Junior,
and promise to love each other for ever under the wedding arch.

They go to the Wishing Well.
Ginger Fox gives the Well a generous donation and asks for promotion (he’s just begun his career as an astronaut).
The well is delighted.

But Ginger isn’t happy with the result.
Now Kitty approaches the well. She asks for improving her skills.

But the well is not in the best of tempers today. Not only doesn’t it grant her wish, but also takes away all the skills she has.
Despite everything, the date is brilliant.

To be continued…

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