Parties (G&B)

The Bears are having a Dinner Party. The new house is perfect for parties.
And at the same time we want to complete Party Animal aspiration. πŸ˜‰
Elder is cooking something delicious.
Cassandra is entertaining the guests.
Junior: “What? Aren’t you retired yet, Cassandra?”
Cassandra: “Haven’t you heard? All the Simlish ghosts have to work now.”
Junior: “Holy CowPlant! The things that can happen!”
The guests are coming. Here’s Baby with her magic clay.
Antony is in the “magic cage”.

Grace: “Tony! You’re going to be Dad yourself but still haven’t stop playing with bricks!”
When there are more than four bears in the house, it’s time for the club gathering.
My opinion on that doesn’t interest the Bears.

All the Bears are in the gym. Bears love sport.

Even Daddy Bear joined.
Cassandra is talking about hard life of ghosts. Baby is sympathizing with her.

Baby: “Would you like me to grant my magic clay to you?”
Cassandra: “Magic clay is helpless in this case I’m afraid.”
In the blue living room blue Cassandra is jesting sadly. Grace is playing the blues. And the guests are listening and eating blue cake.

The party is a success.
Another party.

Now the Bears are having a Black and White Bash.
Don’t think that the Bears are doing nothing but throwing parties. They sleep, go to work and even get promoted.

But we are not going to follow every their step, are we?
Aellitta is expecting.

Goldilocks: “What color are you, baby?”
Look at Kit Cat.

What’s happened to you, boy? You’re only a teen. And – a bald spot!
The guests are eating black and white cookies.

Kit’s made some multicolored cereal.
Antony: “Nope. Cereal won’t help.”
Baby: “Poor boy!”
Mary: “How about using mum’s magic clay?”

Antony: “What has this to do with clay? Don’t talk rot, sis!”
Aellitta: “My friend on Sixam – Dr. X Ray – is a nanotechnologist, who works on hair extension. I’m sure he’ll help”.
Meanwhile Cassandra has organized a protest rally.

Freddy: “Free spirits!”
Another medal.
By the way: the doctor indeed helped with the hair.
Black and white parties again.

Kit: “I’m fed up with your parties!”
Mary: “I got striped myself because of your zebra discussions!”
Lilly: “They invite me to parties and I have to throw out their trash!”

C’mon Lilly! Just look how this black bag is matching your black and white dress!
Aellitta: “I’m going to deliver…”
The house is full of black and white cakes. Yet, the award is here.
Teddy and Katty escaped to space and got another achievement.
Goldilocks made friends with Daddy and became Friend of the World.
Overuse of sweet led to some ladies’ getting another pair of arms.

To be continued…

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