Who’s The Host? (G&B)

The Incognito Costume Party is held on the Bluffs. It’s so beautiful there!
Oh Baby, honey – you’re with your magic clay again.
The Goths are dressed Gothic.

Freddy! When have you taken the guitar from kids room?
Freddy: “There aren’t any kids now.”
There will be!
Freddy: “When there’ll be kids I’ll put the guitar up in the kids room.”
Mila Munch was invited as a caterer. She’s lovely. She’s chatting with the guests dangling her legs over the side of the swimming pool. But she isn’t going to cook anything.

Sure Anna could turn her into a toad for such bungle.

But she doesn’t. Instead, wearing a hotdog costume, she makes the cake herself.

But Eva Capricciosa – that’s a different matter. She’s a wonderful mixologist!
The guests are pleased with the party.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Next is Dinner Party. To have it, the Bears go to the Goths.
To be more exact, the Goths go to the Bears. To the Dinner Party that is held by the Bears… at the Goths’.
– I can’t make head or tail of that. So, who are the hosts? The Goths?
– Nope. The Bears.
– How is it possible? The house belongs to the Goths!
– But the Bears host the party! So, the Bears are the hosts and the Goths are the guests.

I love this game!
Yes, I do. I adore this Lewis Carroll’s surrealism! A Mad Tea Party.
Goldilocks: “Let’s drink to zebras!”
The Bears pick their way towards the bathroom at once. To thank the Goths for coming to the party.
Michael Goth: “Could you all go out? I’d like to have a bath.”
Katty: “Thank you, Michael, for coming to our party!”
Junior: “Thank you, Christie, for coming to our dinner party!”
Christie (executing a pee-pee dance): “Not at all.”
Junior: “But how comes it “not at all”? You could have ignored our invitation, after all!”
Actually, the Bears have their reason to come to the Goths.
The thing is that Grace has to repair or upgrade something for her aspiration. But by mischance, nothing breaks at the Bears and everything has already been upgraded. And the Goths had a lot of broken equipment after Anthony’s wedding.
Bad luck – when the Bears come, everything has been repaired.
Fortunately, Grace manages to upgrade something.
Meanwhile in an other bathroom, Teddy and Gregory are sharing ideas with each other. Sure! Bathroom is the best place for sharing ideas.

Not knowing anything about bathroom summit conference, Michael is hurrying there, dreaming of the bath. Poor Michael!

Mila Munch is also invited. Not as a caterer but as a guest – she plays this role better. And the Bears have Friend of The World before them. 😉
Snugging as a bug in a rug, Junior is telling Christie about wellness.
Staring straight before herself and trying not to breathe, Christie wishes Junior to take her for statue and leave.
Hugo Villareal was invited as a caterer. Not only is he a great cook, but also a nice guy.

Al Goodwell manages the bar perfectly. Behind his back Teddy is arranging with Katty about something.


The dinner party is up to the mark.
Astra: “Bye Statue! Thanks for coming!”
* * * * * * * * * * *
Next party is at Von Haunt Estate, where the Bears meet Mimsy and Bernard.

The guests want to eat, but neither Hugo nor Anna can get to the stove. As only ghosts may pass through the barrier.

Luckily, high yoga level lets Goldilocks to teleport to fridge and make delicious shrimp cocktail for everyone.

* * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * *
Grace grows up.

To be continued…

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