The Edgar Evans Award

I’m sincerely appreciative to RosemaryMarie, whose Liev Capra nominated my Daddy Bear for the Edgar Evans Award. I’m also grateful to Edgar Evans by Judith, who started this honourable award.untitled
Daddy Bear’s acceptance speech:
Dear ladies and gentlemen!17-04
I’m really honoured to get such a significant reward as the Edgar Evans Community Service award.
First of all I’d like to thank Liev Capra – a caring son and husband, a wise and supportive father, who does a lot for society.
This awardΒ is so unexpected for me. Cough. My speech may sound awkward. Cough. Cough. Sorry. I’m a Bear, you know.
I’m feeling a bit dizzy about this situation: on the one hand I’m flattered. But on the other hand I’m a bit frightened: Do I deserve that? Having been to space several times I still didn’t reach the top of my astronauts career.
I just did all my best for my family and for my job. And I’m glad to have such great children and grandchildren. And my wonderful wife, who I love so much. Maybe the family is one of the most important things for the society.
I would like to nominate Charlie Rocca-Cups (created by Simmer CathyTea for her Sim Blog Wonder), who’s been a real wonder since his childhood. Not only has he created a club, where together with his friends can paint and meditate. He also decided to become a doctor to cure people.

If your sim has been nominated, please do the following:
1.Save a copy of the g:award photograph shown here.
2.Create a post on your blog showing the award.
3.On your post please include a photo of your sim along with his or her acceptance speech.
4.Link back to Jonathan Chronicles.
5.Link back also to the simmer who nominated your sim.
6.Nominate another sim and notify the simmer. Please provide these instructions.

18 thoughts on “The Edgar Evans Award

  1. Oooh! I’m so honored! This is a new award for me! I’ll have to learn more about it. Charlie will be so honored. And.. I wonder who he will nominate?

    (If Daddy Bear saw Charlie in his upcoming Promotion Celebration outfit, I wonder if he would still nominate him! LOL!)

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      1. Yes, I will! It’s such a great award! I’ve got three chapters that I’ve already screenshot and need to write before he posts his acceptance speech–so it might be a few days. (I’m hoping for lots of writing time this weekend!)

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      2. I’ll be watching πŸ™‚ And BTW, I’m doing well with the “natural way” drawing book. It’s really making a huge difference in my figure drawing.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, that’s awesome about the Natural Way drawing book! Last time I caught up with your art blog, I was amazed at your observations and insights into drawing with different hands!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m doing a lot of watercolor now… dividing my time between figure drawing and landscapes with watercolor. And throwing in a few abstracts and acrylics too. I’m definitely enjoying it. πŸ™‚

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