Well, it’s time to tell you what is dacha in Russia.
In the USSR (Do you know that Russia was a part of it some years ago?) people who lived in towns and cities used to be given small lots of land for gardening. People called them dacha (give is dat’ in Russian ). Dachas are usually remote from people’s homes. Some people have to travel 2-3 hours or more to to enjoy their digging in the garden. That’s why in summer on Fridays there are loads of people (they are called “дачники”dachniks ) on the trains from Moscow and there’s terrible traffic jam on the roads from Moscow. The same nightmare is on Sundays – in the opposite direction. The size of dachas given in the past should be 600 square meters. So people also called them “six hundrets”. There’s a popular newspaper for dachniks called “Six Hundrets”. Nowadays dachas are not given, they are sold/bought. Not all dachas are “six hundrets”. Some are bigger, some are much bigger. People usually build smth on their lots. Some build sheds, some build houses, some (a few rich ones ) build palaces. Some (usually the elders ) still grow fruits and vegetables on their datchas. The other (mostly the young ) come there only to picnic.

Some dachas:



And this is my dacha:


Epiphany in Russia

Speaking about Russian traditions: on January,19 a lot of Russian people celebrate Epiphany. Many people go to rivers, lakes or ponds. There, special holes in form of a cross are made in the ice. They are called “Jordan”. Men, women and even children dive into Jordan despite of frost. Such frosts are called “Epiphany frosts”.. But people aren’t afraid of frost. The Epiphany water is believed to cure all diseases.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I should have done this long ago. But the last months were so busy! And I kept saying to myself: “Well, I have to do my flat repairing first and then I’ll sit and write a proper acceptance”, “I have to upload this video and then…”, “I have to… and then…” … As time passed things seemed to get worse. My to do list grew and grew…1376932506163846.png

That’s why one of my New Year resolutions was to write the acceptances in the end.

Sorry for being so late. I’m a very bad cat.  

So, long ago I was nominated for this award by a wonderful blogger Mastress Alita, whose amazing Cat Chronicles I adore so much.  Don’t forget to check her wonderful Short Stories and Teatime Tuesday as well!

Thank you very much, dear Alita! ❤

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Well, it of course is an award for bloggers from other bloggers. It is a beautiful way to share all the amazing things other bloggers do and write about. To recognize their efforts in inspiring others to do what they love.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
4. Notify the bloggers you included.
5. Keep the rules in your post.

Answers to Questions I Received:

1. What is the first Sims game you played?
SimCity ,
then The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3… and I got lost in Simland. 😀

2. Favorite expansion/stuff pack/game pack?
Yes, Pets of course! There aren’t Pets in The Sims 4 yet, so I love Granite Falls – because of Bears. 5

3. What is your favorite book or author?
Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin – a marvellous story of everlasting love.7148300800_tre-kronor4

4. What is your favorite fictional genre?
It’s funny but I still love fairy tales – folk fairy tales, fairy tales by Wilhelm Hauff, brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, plays by Yevgeny Schwarz esp. his Natural Wonder (a story of a Bear and a Princess), as well as Harry Potter (books and films). I also love romance like Gone with the Wind.

5. Is there a song that always brings you to tears?
Yes. This one. It’s about nowadays kids and their great-grandfathers, who didn’t return from the war. Listening to it I recall my grandfathers, whom I never saw – they were killed in World War II when my parents were toddlers.

6. What is your favorite vacation destination?
If only I could, I would travel all over the world.

7. Pick your poison (what is your drink of choice?)
Chocolate. It’s killing me.

8. Let’s play kiss, marry, kill, only with your Sims! (That is, of your Sims, which one would you most like to kiss, which one would you most like to marry, and which one would you most like to kill?)
I would kiss little Astra Bear. I would marry Junior Bear. I would kill paparazzi in The Sims 3. (I tried to feed them to CowPlant, but they are immortal.  )

9. What are five hobbies you enjoy?
The Sims, cats, gardening, making videos, music.

10. What is your favorite fictional creature?
The Bear in Natural Wonder.

11. Against a zombie, what would be your weapon of choice?
Angry bees potion. It always helped me in the Sims 3.

My Nominees

Not all of my nominees write Sim Stories. Moreover, not all of the blogs relate to The Sims. But in the rules I haven’t found anything against that. So I hope that’s OK. As all of these bloggers bring sunshine into their readers’ life – with their Sim Stories, with their Sim creations, with their blogs full of optimism and happiness.

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Questions For My Nominees

  1. What is your favourite season?
  2. What does The Sims mean for you?
    Possible answers:
    “It’s my life.”
    “It’s the chronic addiction I must get rid of.”
    “The Sims? What on earth is The Sims?! 106
  3. What is your favourite fairy tale?
  4. If you met a fairy, what three wishes would you ask her to grant?
  5. Fairy? Vampire? Mermaid/Merman? Witch? Unicorn? Dragon? – What would you like to be?
  6. Have you ever been to Russia? Would you like to go there (again)?
  7. What is your favourite music?
  8. What are five flowers you love most of all?
  9. Imagine: it’s rainy and cold. What are you going to do?
  10. Cats or dogs?
  11. Rain or snow?



In Russia we don’t celebrate Christmas on December, 25. (We do it later) :wink: So if it’s a weekday, we have to go to work. But by December, 25 there are Christmas trees in the streets, Santas in shop windows, and we can hear Jingle bells everywhere. So we feel holiday spirit.

It so fell out that New Year’s become the main winter holiday for most Russians. (Christmas used to be forbidden for some years in Soviet Russia.)

Russian New Year personages are Ded Moroz and Snegurotchka .
Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) is like Santa Claus, but he‘s more ancient, his beard is much longer and he wears a beautiful long fur coat (usually red or blue).
He lives in a Russian town called Veliky Ustyug. He drives in a three-white horses-sleigh.
He isn’t married but he’s got a granddaughter called Snegurotchka (Snowgirl).
They bring New Year presents to those who believe in them :lol:
On New Year Eve, families gather for a good blowout. Late in the evening, we give the old year a send-off and when the Kremlin clock begins beating, we open champagne and think of New Year wishes (they’ll come true if you think of them while the clock’s beating 12). :wink: Many people go then outside to have fun. When all go to bed in the end, we put the presents under the Christmas tree in secret from each other.

According to the traditions of Russian Orthodox Church, we celebrate Christmas on January, 7. Late at night, on Jan., 6 lots of people go to church (even those who usually don’t). The churches are beautifully decorated. There are Christmas trees inside and outside. And by the entrance there’s a model of crèche lit by candles. No musical instruments are used at divine service at Orthodox Church, choristers sing a cappella but it’s really DIVINE like angels singing! It’s one of the best services of the year (the best is at Easter)!
It’s often said that Christmas got commercialized. Well, I think all our life is commercialized; and everything depends on what is Christmas for you: Christmas shopping or Christmas carols.

New Year day and Christmas day are official holidays. but there’s one more holiday which is not official, though a lot of people feast it. On January, 14 we celebrate Old New Year.  Puzzled? 😉  Well, Russia, like all the other countries, lives by Gregorian calendar. But Russian Orthodox Church abides by Julian calendar (that’s why we keep Christmas two weeks later) and by Julian calendar New Year is on Jan, 14. So we feast New Year twice! :mrgreen:

Yes, we love celebrating ! 😀

Nowadays, I often hear that we should say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas not to offend anyone. I’m sorry, my dear friends, but that reminds me of communist Russia, when we weren’t allowed to say Merry Christmas to each other.

A year ago, on January, 6, I was going to church when I met three young men. I didn’t know them, I just knew that they were Muslims. It was late (about 11 at night), I was alone, so I got a bit worried. Suddenly, one of them said: “Merry Christmas!” and they all smiled. I said “Thank you!” and smiled back. For me these young men are the best examples of tolerance – when you aren’t offended by your neighbours celebrating their feasts but, on the contrary, are ready to share their happiness.