The House of Dorian Gray (The Sims 4 Machinima)

Once upon a time there lived an artist, who loved painting his wife. But most of all he loved himself…
Where has the artist gone? What happened to his wife? We can only guess… What do you think? Write in the comments.
Sorry, Oscar Wilde, for changing your story a bit.

Bedtime Story. The Sims 4 machinima.

My Channel got 10,000 views recently. Not too much, providing that I started uploading videos 5 years ago. But I’m doing my best to improve my channel still hoping for a miracle.
Thank you for your views, for your likes, for your subscription! ❤ ❤ ❤
Many thanks to Jamie Nord for the permission to use his wonderful music “Winter Waltz – Frozen Tales (feat. Xenomorph)” in my video.

Never stop hoping for miracles!