June 22 1941

(A bit too late 😦 – I should have published that yesterday.)

June 22 is a sorrow day in Russia. 75 years ago Hitler attacked our country. Early in the morning (at 4 o’clock) German planes bombed sleeping towns and villages. That is how Great Patriotic War began. By that time Nazi Germany had occupied many countries and were planning Blitzkrieg – super fast war. Hitler was going to have a parade on the Red Square in Moscow by the end of 1941. He failed. German army was mightier. But all people of our country – old and young, men and women, even children – fought for the Motherland.

Because of Hitler, I don’t know what grandfather means. I’ve never seen my grandfathers – they were both killed by that war. Every Russian family have their own sad story connected with the war. About 27 million people were killed then. Just think about that – twenty seven million!

I remember my granny, who would pick up all the crumbs with her finger after every meal and eat them. Bad habit. During the war they were starving. The hardest for her was to see her hungry babies – my mom and her siblings – begging for bread. It was unbearable. How happy they were when spring came! Why? Because they could eat grass. Just think about that: they were happy to eat grass!

People of our country defeated Hitler. Despite everything. Our “secret weapon” has always been our love to Fatherland.

Watch the documentary about that war. It’s about 40 years old. But for many people that war is still unknown.

Russian people are said to be aggressive. We are claimed to be wanting war. It’s a lie. We know too well what the war is. Come to Russia as friends – and you’ll see how friendly we are. But if you come as conquerors – you’ll see how dangerous we are. In the 13th century Prince Alexander Nevsky said: “Those who come to us with a sword, will die of the sword.” Does fighting for your own country mean being aggressive?

We know what the war is. That is why we pray for peace. We are not as silly as some generals who know war from computer games. War is horrible. It’s not WoW.

Every time after meal, I pick up all the crumbs with my finger and eat them. And so do my children. Bad habit.